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2012-12-06 13.58.27Helping my friend Meko with her photoshoot, theme: Snow Queen, #money.
2012-12-06 11.09.172012-12-06 09.10.50During down time, I was fixing the posters (101) for our event this Saturday (as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, forgot to change the time). I can now add expert at drawing “1’s” in American Type Writer Light in my C.V.
2012-12-06 09.27.112012-12-06 13.08.092012-12-06 16.18.29Meko and I after a long day of shooting. 2012-12-06 18.03.21Mama Sue peeking out of the biggest hood I’ve ever seen on a garment.

2012-12-06 18.51.40Went out for Korean food in Japan town!!! Gangnam style.
2012-12-06 19.54.52Somewhere in Japan town.
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You are now reading the official blog of the newest Alexander Wang intern!!!

Starting in January, I can not wait for my first day of work, and New York City!!! Bring on Manhattan!

Fashion student’s accessory of choice, bag of fabrics. It’s totes Wang.
Getting crazy with my photoshop. Can you handle it.
San Francisco’s Metro.
Vincent and I ventured out to Berkeley for fabrics for our design and corsetry classes. Finding fabrics in San Francisco is either going to cost you an arm or a leg or its at Discount Fabrics aka where fabrics go to die. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. We caught the train to Berkeley in search for decent fabrics.