2012-11-30 20.18.05My friends took me to check out this art show this past weekend, it was amazing!
It was in a house turned studio, really quirky. Very San Fran.

2012-11-30 20.27.09Some works by various people/students. Made me feel very inadequate about by drawing skills…
I really miss life drawing…
2012-11-30 20.24.32 2012-11-30 20.20.49A small crowd by the entrance.  
2012-11-28 19.39.26Found this Dennis Basso ad in W magazine the other day, excited because I remember when it was still being photoshopped and when Coco Rocha stopped by the studio.

2012-12-03 05.28.21

What we were up to on Sunday night/Monday morning… prepping for a photo shoot at 3am. Photos to come!

What I learnt, No Sleep= getting old, can no longer pull off all nighters.