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My Givenchys! 
Excitement when firemen came to the rescue at the dorms. Quote of the evening “oh, they send in the cute ones first”.On location for styling shoot
The Giants parade, how did these people get up there!? Still don’t know.
At a Tiffany’s presentation for their small leather goods line. (check the Tiffany blue bottle water on the right! #evidence)Corsetry class mini presentation. Raspberry one = my corset.
The Givenchys from a different angle.At a special screening for “A Man’s Story” great fashion documentary if you haven’t seen it. It’s about Ozwald Boateng (I wish every man would dress like him), a British mens wear designer. This film features fashion and  a British accent. Those are the only reasons you need.


Yes It was my 21st birthday on the 7th and I celebrated it San Francisco style with some very good friends and amazing food.

My favourite picture, even though its blurry, the back ground is so beautiful and the photo protrays our personalities perfectly! However I would like to add that I am indeed wearing shoes, and very cute ones as well, you can’t see them.
 chicco-ordinating people on ze iphone, it was an unfortunate event that Sue lost her iphone 5 at uni today, that girl has burned her way through 3 iPhone 5’s this month. Beat that. Can not.Kayla, team Reinvent missed you today.Then this garçon showed up with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers! excite!!! They smell DELICIOUS. 
Oysters. Vincint’s shirt was amazing! The print is detachable with magnets, flipping awesome, can’t beat a fashion student’s eye for details.
A little birthday dessert = one happy girl!

Don’t know if ya’ll into soft ball  baseball (yea I think its softball. nope its base ball, yea base ball.), but the San Francisco Giants won the World Champs last sunday! Even though I did not attend the game to witness first hand the excitement, I did come across some psyched fans pushing over various things on the streets, from news stands to rubbish bins. How interesting, my fist instinct would be to push over heavy, dirty objects as well!

Anyways there was a parade held to celebrate this momentous achievement downtown on Market St. The whole city around 2million people found their way there and it was PACKET! Super fun, of course I had to join in on the excitement. Shame I couldn’t see the action (I’m vertically challenged), but thanks to technology I was able to watch the whole thing via the iPhone of the guy in front of me. Thank goodness for iPhones.

Last Monday I had a SUPER fun day helping my friend Sue assist and shoot for her editorial styling class. We had a whole production team of photographer, photographer assistant, hair and makeup artist, stylist, styling assistant and of course model. Styling a shot is not easy, oh how I now know. We had set a up a tent for the model to get changed in between each look and I think I must have repitched that bad boy 5 times in two hours. Never knew all those high school camping skills would eventually pay off in fashion. So there you go kids, stay in school so you can learn random skills that might come in handy sometime in your life.

Anyways we shot designs by designers such as Margiela, Gareth Pugh, Rick Owens, Alexander Wang, McQueen and Lacrois. The location was at a beautiful cathedral near Union Square in down town San Francisco. All in all it was SUPER FUN! To top it all off we had an amazing Japanese dinner post production.

All photos by me.

flash mob on Market streetNo idea what’s going on here, but smells amazing!!!Vincint’s best pose for America’s Next Top Model, French edition. 
Fleet week!!!Uniqlo has some sweet form of advertising. I wonder if anyone drives those things.we dominated two tubs of Ben and Jerry’s each… it was on sale!Vintage shopping on Haight and Ashbury.
From Breakfast at Tiffany’s so I had to try it.

Must say another highlight recently is whatsapping Brass pretty much everyday, amazing how technology really does change your life. Can’t wait till all the flatmates get an iPhone!

Fashion student’s accessory of choice, bag of fabrics. It’s totes Wang.
Getting crazy with my photoshop. Can you handle it.
San Francisco’s Metro.
Vincent and I ventured out to Berkeley for fabrics for our design and corsetry classes. Finding fabrics in San Francisco is either going to cost you an arm or a leg or its at Discount Fabrics aka where fabrics go to die. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. We caught the train to Berkeley in search for decent fabrics.

Our last stop before heading back to San Francisco was at Dean & Deluca, I would love to shop here everyday but when it comes down to it, food or shoes? Shoes.
Too cute to be real chocolates.
Dixon St flat always wanted one of these! Donkey on a Buick? I thought this was weird, but that could just be me.

All in all a swell trip, loved every moment including being late for business meeting because we went to the wrong town and being in the car with Sue,  who surprised us with her driving skills. Had the best time in Napa with my lovely Reinvent team!

More from our Napa field trip.
Best marketing team ever.We fitted in some hat shopping before heading to the Napa Soap Company, didn’t factor in time driving to the wrong town in the opposite direction to where we were suppose to be. OpsSue’s amazing Maison Martin Margiela sneakers. I want to live in her wardrobe. ITS AMAZING.

One of my favourite classes at the moment would have to be Marketing and Promotional strategies. Why? 1.its interesting and 2. you get to go on field trips to NAPA!!! It’s wine country, similar to the Wairarapa Valley in New Zealand. We went there to be introduced to the owners of the Napa Soap company in a collaboration we are doing with them to launch a skin care line for men. It’s a very interesting group project where we get to work with real life clients which makes it much more serious and fun at the same time. I have an awesome team and here’s what we got up to on our road trip to Napa! I got to cross the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time!
On our way to Napa, vineyards all around.
I want to retire in Napa, its the cutest little town!
Team Reinvent (Kayla and Meko, minus old guy on the right).
Can you imagine what this place would look like on a beautiful sunny day?! I love Napa.
Other half of the team, Sue and I.
See it and weep my friends, it tastes as good as it looks.
Lizmari, this has you written all over it. My face was stuck in this position the whole trip.

This is part one, stayed tinned for part deux!

Don’t you think one of the most exciting things when you go to a new country is to go grocery shopping? You find so many new things you’ve never seen or heard before, and things you’ve always seen referred to like Gouda. Pretzel chips are SO good. Honesty. And of course the American classic.My breakfast every morning, LOVE THIS. Almond milk is God’s gift to Whole Foods. If you don’t like milk, you’ll like Almond milk, if you don’t like milk you’ll like almond milk, if you don’t like life, you’ll like almond milk. Its that good. With strawberries of course.
Amazing pre packaged food from Trader Joe’s (my favourite grocery destination). You can buy everything pre made here, even pre cut onions, garlic, carrots, and fried rice. Just put it on a pan and voila. Single meal for one. Delish classic american chocolate. The 5th avenue definitely looked better than it tasted, but the LOOK! bar, is the bomb.
Finally, my two favourite people, Ben and Jerry.