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One of the most beautiful buildings in San Francisco in my opinion would have to be City Hall.
The architecture!
The decor!
The history…
that’s about it.
Oh and Vincent and I use to have lunch on the steps outside everyday. Those were fun times.

Fun fact for the day, Marilyn Monroe got married here. Along with thousands of people every year. I can see why.

IMG_1548IMG_1554IMG_1563IMG_1570Ze parents are here! Yay!!!


IMG_1018 IMG_1006I’m almost done with uni! (for the semester) Haven’t really had the time to get into the Christmas spirt, finals week and all. But come Friday, I’m moving in with Sue and crazy time awaits!!!

 I love my new Celine’s!!!
Photos by Meko

IMG_1365IMG_1418 IMG_1411 IMG_1409 IMG_1368IMG_1364 IMG_1445 IMG_1413 IMG_1363 IMG_1449 IMG_1466 IMG_1367Sue and I worked the streets for over 4 hours… this girl looked like she belonged on the run way not the streets. Who wears Givenchy and Margiela while street selling? SUE.
IMG_1414Marketing with food, however Sue ended up eating the entire contents of the plate… no one trusted her enough to take the food.
IMG_1412IMG_1432Doing what I do best, SELL SELL SELL!
IMG_1430 IMG_1443Raffles! Be in to win!
This was the first marketing event I’ve ever organised for a client. I learnt a lot and I couldn’t of done it without the help of my team, REINVENT . We made great sales and gave away a whole bunch of goodies to celebrate the holidays!

2012-12-02 12.46.22Real life Christmas trees for sale! 
2012-12-02 12.46.27
Man carrying real life christmas tree. I want one.2012-12-02 12.46.192012-11-24 16.06.582012-11-24 16.07.552012-11-24 16.14.31In Macy’s getting a slice of Christmas, next to my San Fran tree.
I discovered themed Christmas trees for the first time! From Barbies to cupcakes to baby boy/girl trees. Been missing out for the past 20 years.
2012-11-24 16.13.58

2012-11-24 16.14.04Golden Gate ornament anyone?2012-11-24 16.07.12Either black Santa’s have been very popular this year or its just a token Santa to keep everything P.C… America.2012-11-24 16.07.19Closeup of the little fella. I love how his outfit is gold glitter and the white Santas wear white. #Geto Santa. 
2012-11-24 18.11.15Down town San Francisco really getting into the spirit of Christmas! 2012-11-24 16.21.19And of course cowboy Santa. I really like this one. Fav outfit. 

2012-12-06 13.58.27Helping my friend Meko with her photoshoot, theme: Snow Queen, #money.
2012-12-06 11.09.172012-12-06 09.10.50During down time, I was fixing the posters (101) for our event this Saturday (as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, forgot to change the time). I can now add expert at drawing “1’s” in American Type Writer Light in my C.V.
2012-12-06 09.27.112012-12-06 13.08.092012-12-06 16.18.29Meko and I after a long day of shooting. 2012-12-06 18.03.21Mama Sue peeking out of the biggest hood I’ve ever seen on a garment.

2012-12-06 18.51.40Went out for Korean food in Japan town!!! Gangnam style.
2012-12-06 19.54.52Somewhere in Japan town.
Post in chronological order from ze iPhone. Better images to come!








312756_115567275275506_1854566826_nI love working with my team! Team Reinvent, working hard on our final project. If you’re in San Francisco come check out our event this Saturday the 8th of December, there will be a treasure hunt, finders keepers!
Lots of food, wine, cheese, and FREE STUFF!!!
4037 24th Street, Noe Valley, San Francisco!

poster round frame final posterOMG, I just realised I hadn’t fix the time of the event in the finals!… It’s 11-3pm not 1-3pm which is what is printed on all  100 flyers and a poster… I will be drawing in ”1’s” to fix the time in all 101 of the flyers tomorrow… WHY!!!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYY

2012-12-05 15.44.19 copy 2012-12-05 13.28.37 copy 2012-12-05 15.40.33 copy… was excited to post this… now I feel like an idiot. My calligraphy skills better improve.
Still if you can make it, 11-3pm, When Modern Was, 4037 24th Street, Noe Valley, San Francisco!


2012-11-30 20.18.05My friends took me to check out this art show this past weekend, it was amazing!
It was in a house turned studio, really quirky. Very San Fran.

2012-11-30 20.27.09Some works by various people/students. Made me feel very inadequate about by drawing skills…
I really miss life drawing…
2012-11-30 20.24.32 2012-11-30 20.20.49A small crowd by the entrance.  
2012-11-28 19.39.26Found this Dennis Basso ad in W magazine the other day, excited because I remember when it was still being photoshopped and when Coco Rocha stopped by the studio.

2012-12-03 05.28.21

What we were up to on Sunday night/Monday morning… prepping for a photo shoot at 3am. Photos to come!

What I learnt, No Sleep= getting old, can no longer pull off all nighters.






Eye on the prize.Our fellow campers
homeless= homeless+stylish packing up our house, store is opening!
Golden tickets

Our loot. Crazy huh?

 Wednesday night we spent one crazy night outside sleeping on the streets in anticipation for the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M collection. I know. It’s crazy. But hey, it only happens once, its MARGIELA and I’m only here for 7months. You only live once.

We literally camped out San Fran homeless style, sleeping on cardboard boxes (Margiela for H&M tho), but with the added comfort of a sheep skin throw and blankets. Everything was fine until 4am, then the chill set in.

I now have a cold. The price you pay for fashion…

My roommate said to me last night “I’ve never had a friend like you”.

I’m going to take that as a compliment.

My Givenchys! 
Excitement when firemen came to the rescue at the dorms. Quote of the evening “oh, they send in the cute ones first”.On location for styling shoot
The Giants parade, how did these people get up there!? Still don’t know.
At a Tiffany’s presentation for their small leather goods line. (check the Tiffany blue bottle water on the right! #evidence)Corsetry class mini presentation. Raspberry one = my corset.
The Givenchys from a different angle.At a special screening for “A Man’s Story” great fashion documentary if you haven’t seen it. It’s about Ozwald Boateng (I wish every man would dress like him), a British mens wear designer. This film features fashion and  a British accent. Those are the only reasons you need.

Yes It was my 21st birthday on the 7th and I celebrated it San Francisco style with some very good friends and amazing food.

My favourite picture, even though its blurry, the back ground is so beautiful and the photo protrays our personalities perfectly! However I would like to add that I am indeed wearing shoes, and very cute ones as well, you can’t see them.
 chicco-ordinating people on ze iphone, it was an unfortunate event that Sue lost her iphone 5 at uni today, that girl has burned her way through 3 iPhone 5’s this month. Beat that. Can not.Kayla, team Reinvent missed you today.Then this garçon showed up with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers! excite!!! They smell DELICIOUS. 
Oysters. Vincint’s shirt was amazing! The print is detachable with magnets, flipping awesome, can’t beat a fashion student’s eye for details.
A little birthday dessert = one happy girl!