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All this excitement around my new internship with Alexander Wang led me to reflect back on my other amazing internship at Dennis Basso when I first arrived in New York earlier this year. It was such an amazing experience and I met so many talented and amazing people! And of course my American Mum, Gigi!With my American Mum, Gigi (centre) and Emily, Creative Director of Dennis Basso. Gigi made many wedding gowns for famous kids such as Coco Rocha, Katherine Heigl, Doutzen Kroes, Laura Bush and more, she even made THE pink Oscar de La Renta gown that Carrie Bradshaw wore in Sex and the City.
Of course Ella, my partner in crime, we went to the MoMA after my final day at Dennis Basso to check out Monet. 
Monet’s Water Lilies, breathtakingly  beautiful.Found the Duchamp, hashtag Art and Design I memories. Same with the fur bowl.

Derrode! Haha a ball of fun that one, fun times in the fur volt. He was mortified to hear I didn’t own a hair brush. He owns five.
And Grace! that reminds me I don’t have a photo with that girl, flip. Must make up for it when I see her in January.

Spent my last weekend in New York with Derrode shopping on 5th.
IMG_0362  We discovered this beautiful garden just off Madison. Argh, I miss New York.A shot of Celine to wrap up.


After a minor freak out over luggage,
five hours of sleep,
an early morning,
a stop over,
and a very interesting plane ride…

I’ve arrived in San Francisco! Haven’t had the chance to take my camera out for spin yet, sorting out your life yet again is such a pain. I’m currently buying everything from pots, pans, food, duvet and everything in between. You know how it is.
Did just order another pair of shoes online, the second day I got here, all my sandals broke! A girl needs shoes to walk in especially looking at the hills in San Francisco! (photo evidence to come).

I’m still missing New York, nothing can beat that city. Here’s a little photo diary!

Chelsea Markets

The best lobster rolls in town.
In the Meat Packing District, the famous Milk studios.The Highlands in the Meat Packing District is a popular chill destination, it used to be part of the railway/train tracks. Now it has been transformed into an uplifted garden situated smack bang in the centre of Meat Packing, ok well maybe not smack bang in the middle but VERY near by.

Some awesome art found along the Highlands.

Beautiful apartments around the Highlands.

Ella and I enjoying some very fresh lobster rolls from the Chelsea Markets, pedestrians suffered from food envy.

A beautiful cafe/ restaurant we found on the way, New York is always full of surprises!

Finally, Felicity you are such a beautiful person both inside and out, even though we are all extremely sad to have you leave us all too soon. You will forever remain in our hearts as the most beautiful, bubbly and loving person. You will be forever loved and missed. Rest in peace Flis.


Found this little gem hidden away somewhere in Midtown Manhattan while sitting in a cab stuck in traffic. Its called Hester Nights, a night food market that is co-joined to a hotel (I think) and a mini park. A lot of vegetarian and vegan foods with a dash of pork chops and kumara fries on a warm summer night is absolutely delightful. Then again fairy lights can make anything look good.

Ella and I had a bite to eat while watching the U.S. Open on a giant projector and talking about how incredible and ridiculous fashion can get. Can’t ask for a better evening!
Miss Ella, sure am going to miss you!
and yes, new Helmut Lang dress, shoes and necklaces… I’ve been holding off for a LONG time.
Sorry about this photo, definitely not the best, dim lighting and a shaky hand obviously does not equal quality photo.

Last Friday was the free night at MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) so I went after work to check it out. It’s an amazing place to be inspired by the weird, wacky and creative geniuses of our time. In the line up we have Monet, Warhol, Pollock,  Rauschenberg, Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso, van Gogh and many more.

It was crazy busy packed full of people being the Target free night and all (if you’re ever in NY and want to check out MOMA, Friday nights = FREE! So save your pennies everyone!), but defiantly inspiring none the less.
I was just so excited to actually physically see some of the artist models and works we draw inspiration from in class. #fistyearartanddesign.

Second floor.
PollocksI love this photo, really representative of NY life.All in a cube living. Question, where is the closet? Amazing furniture. 

I am getting terribly behind in my blogging, there are many more updates to come! My new motto is “you know you’re living life when you start falling behind in blogging”.

Last Sunday I visited the trendy Meat Packing district that is popular amongst the 20 somethings. It used to be where meat was packaged, hence the name. Now it has become an area populated with kids from the fashion scene, Alexander McQueen has a boutique there, as does Diane Von Furstenberg and many other “edgy” designers.

It’s a pretty small area, but it has that high fashion meets grunge feel to it (obviously). Some really cool restaurants, one of which Ella (we work together at Dennis) and I discovered on our way back to the Meat Packing District from Chelsea was Don Giovanni’s, which is apparently really well known for its GIANT pizza’s. I’ll let you know the verdict.

Outside All Saints in Meat Packing, how awesome are the visual merchandising! 

Diane Von Furstenberg’s studio ( I think… her store is definitely here). Loving the crazy dome thing on top of her building.

Residents of Chelsea decided David was cold in 30 degree weather. I personally think he looks great in strips.

Some where between Chelsea and Meat Packing, I’m really loving plantation over taking buildings.

Say hello to Miss Ella! This girl walks everywhere in heels and does NOT get sore feet. My feet ache in flats.

Cool bikes in NYC.

Sally Pope I almost got owned by pedestrians taking this photo because it reminded me of you.

Spent the day familiarizing myself with the New York city lifestyle. First on the agenda was a sleep in. Man has it been a busy week at Dennis Basso, we’ve got gowns, furs, special orders and a collection to put together in three weeks and the pressure is on. (I secretly love it).

So my friend Derode and I decided to check out the Prada and Schiaparelli exhibition before it closes at on Sunday at the Met. Spent an hour waiting for him on the met steps, just a few steps up from were Gossip Girl filmed their scene in the first season (I keep recognising things I see in American movie and t.v. shows here in NYC, its kinda fun).

After we checked out Madison Ave (tres chic), bought some Laduree macarons (amazing), then stopped off at the Ralph Lauren Mansions and guess who we ran into. Alexander Wang and his entourage. I didn’t recognise him at first, then did a double take, then said to the sales girl, “is that who I this it is”. She said yes.
I’m pretty excited about that one. As you can probably tell.

Moving on, concluded the day with dinner in SoHo, accompanied by my first All American grilled cheese.Tasty.

The Metropolitan Museum.

The exhibition.

outside the Egyptian artifacts exhibition.

This is Derode, we work together.

The Upper East side (where I live). jokes.

Beautiful architecture on the Upper East side, go figures.

Ralph Lauren a.k.a. where I meet Alexander Wang.
One of the Ralph Lauren mansions.

Delicious treats!!!

My Sunday New York ventures took me back to the island of Manhattan. Honestly this island is filled with so many nooks and crannies, sort of like a hoarders closet you can easily loose yourself in for about 100 years.
The Lincoln Center, where New York Fashion week actually happens, apparently (I was informed of this detail today).
Super cool skinny building where art installations are held, super AMAZING!
Street shot.

Hillsong NYC! Went to an amazing church service today at the Gramercy theater! It was incredible to see people lining up outside waiting to be seated as the theater was at full capacity.

Discovering 5th Avenue is an exciting experience if you’re into America films and T.V. shows, like me you probably can’t get away from it even if you tried. Unless you’re one of those EXTREMELY alty people who refuse to do anything normal. Weirdos.

Anyways I had many “ohhs and Ahhhs” moments such as outside Tiffanys (Breakfast at Tiffanys), the Empire State building(pretty much any America movie set in NY), the Rockefeller Center (Home Alone 3, Christmas trees scene), The New York Public Library (Sex and the City 1, where Carrie was about to marry Big), Bryant Park (Project Runway), and Gossip Girl filmed pretty much the whole show on and around 5th Ave. Pretty exciting!
On top of the Trump tower, in a garden gazing at the U.S. flag. Very patriotic.

A random guy in a glittery gold tank top and fluro pink shorts… New Yorkers.

My very fist NY pretzel. (very salty, hello heart attack)

Somewhere along 5th ave, I thinks its Sack’s

Louis Vuitton window display, Marc Jacobs is in love with Yayoi Kusama (aka dots lady from Japan, she sees everything covered in polka dots, how dizzy is that!). A very effective visual merchandising tool.

Bryant Park! This is where  New York Fashion Week happens… arrhhhhhhhh.

Oh and I spotted a homeless man with a flasher phone than me. Shame.

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I’ve arrived in New York smack bang in the middle of a heat wave. Trust. Apart from struggling with the weather, I’ve had some time to explore the city of Manhattan. Its AMAZING! So big, loud, busy, dirty and beautiful at the same time. It seems so surreal seeing parking building valets dressed up in their suit and bow tie (must be struggling in the heat) fetching cars while Manhattan ladies of leisure slip them tips.

And man do the Manhattanites know how to dress to impress… Dolce, Prada Hermes galore (if you live/work on the coolest island in the world why wouldn’t you).

Off to explore the Met tomorrow!

My list of must do’s in New York (that might not happen but I’m an optimist):

1. spot Bill Cunningham and take photos of him taking photos
2. dominate 1 whole NY pizza (at least have a slice)
3. crash an American wedding make that two. 11.8.12
4. do the museums, especially MOMA
5. visit the statue of Liberty. (I am a tourist)
6. not get mugged
7. make friends with an Upper Eastsider (so I can confirm that their lifestyle is as elaborate as they make out to be in Gossip Girl)
8. have a Carrie Bradshaw moment, (not sure what that means but I think I’ll know when I’m in that moment).  I’ve had many.
9. spot someone famous, come on its New York! yep. Alexander Wang baby.
10. go to a Barney’s or Bergdorf sale. Yea boy.New shoes…

I shall cross off the list as I go.