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2012-11-30 20.18.05My friends took me to check out this art show this past weekend, it was amazing!
It was in a house turned studio, really quirky. Very San Fran.

2012-11-30 20.27.09Some works by various people/students. Made me feel very inadequate about by drawing skills…
I really miss life drawing…
2012-11-30 20.24.32 2012-11-30 20.20.49A small crowd by the entrance.  
2012-11-28 19.39.26Found this Dennis Basso ad in W magazine the other day, excited because I remember when it was still being photoshopped and when Coco Rocha stopped by the studio.

2012-12-03 05.28.21

What we were up to on Sunday night/Monday morning… prepping for a photo shoot at 3am. Photos to come!

What I learnt, No Sleep= getting old, can no longer pull off all nighters.







All this excitement around my new internship with Alexander Wang led me to reflect back on my other amazing internship at Dennis Basso when I first arrived in New York earlier this year. It was such an amazing experience and I met so many talented and amazing people! And of course my American Mum, Gigi!With my American Mum, Gigi (centre) and Emily, Creative Director of Dennis Basso. Gigi made many wedding gowns for famous kids such as Coco Rocha, Katherine Heigl, Doutzen Kroes, Laura Bush and more, she even made THE pink Oscar de La Renta gown that Carrie Bradshaw wore in Sex and the City.
Of course Ella, my partner in crime, we went to the MoMA after my final day at Dennis Basso to check out Monet. 
Monet’s Water Lilies, breathtakingly  beautiful.Found the Duchamp, hashtag Art and Design I memories. Same with the fur bowl.

Derrode! Haha a ball of fun that one, fun times in the fur volt. He was mortified to hear I didn’t own a hair brush. He owns five.
And Grace! that reminds me I don’t have a photo with that girl, flip. Must make up for it when I see her in January.

Spent my last weekend in New York with Derrode shopping on 5th.
IMG_0362  We discovered this beautiful garden just off Madison. Argh, I miss New York.A shot of Celine to wrap up.