IMG_1365IMG_1418 IMG_1411 IMG_1409 IMG_1368IMG_1364 IMG_1445 IMG_1413 IMG_1363 IMG_1449 IMG_1466 IMG_1367Sue and I worked the streets for over 4 hours… this girl looked like she belonged on the run way not the streets. Who wears Givenchy and Margiela while street selling? SUE.
IMG_1414Marketing with food, however Sue ended up eating the entire contents of the plate… no one trusted her enough to take the food.
IMG_1412IMG_1432Doing what I do best, SELL SELL SELL!
IMG_1430 IMG_1443Raffles! Be in to win!
This was the first marketing event I’ve ever organised for a client. I learnt a lot and I couldn’t of done it without the help of my team, REINVENT . We made great sales and gave away a whole bunch of goodies to celebrate the holidays!