2012-12-02 12.46.22Real life Christmas trees for sale! 
2012-12-02 12.46.27
Man carrying real life christmas tree. I want one.2012-12-02 12.46.192012-11-24 16.06.582012-11-24 16.07.552012-11-24 16.14.31In Macy’s getting a slice of Christmas, next to my San Fran tree.
I discovered themed Christmas trees for the first time! From Barbies to cupcakes to baby boy/girl trees. Been missing out for the past 20 years.
2012-11-24 16.13.58

2012-11-24 16.14.04Golden Gate ornament anyone?2012-11-24 16.07.12Either black Santa’s have been very popular this year or its just a token Santa to keep everything P.C… America.2012-11-24 16.07.19Closeup of the little fella. I love how his outfit is gold glitter and the white Santas wear white. #Geto Santa. 
2012-11-24 18.11.15Down town San Francisco really getting into the spirit of Christmas! 2012-11-24 16.21.19And of course cowboy Santa. I really like this one. Fav outfit.