2012-12-06 13.58.27Helping my friend Meko with her photoshoot, theme: Snow Queen, #money.
2012-12-06 11.09.172012-12-06 09.10.50During down time, I was fixing the posters (101) for our event this Saturday (as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, forgot to change the time). I can now add expert at drawing “1’s” in American Type Writer Light in my C.V.
2012-12-06 09.27.112012-12-06 13.08.092012-12-06 16.18.29Meko and I after a long day of shooting. 2012-12-06 18.03.21Mama Sue peeking out of the biggest hood I’ve ever seen on a garment.

2012-12-06 18.51.40Went out for Korean food in Japan town!!! Gangnam style.
2012-12-06 19.54.52Somewhere in Japan town.
Post in chronological order from ze iPhone. Better images to come!