312756_115567275275506_1854566826_nI love working with my team! Team Reinvent, working hard on our final project. If you’re in San Francisco come check out our event this Saturday the 8th of December, there will be a treasure hunt, finders keepers!
Lots of food, wine, cheese, and FREE STUFF!!!
4037 24th Street, Noe Valley, San Francisco!

poster round frame final posterOMG, I just realised I hadn’t fix the time of the event in the finals!… It’s 11-3pm not 1-3pm which is what is printed on all  100 flyers and a poster… I will be drawing in ”1’s” to fix the time in all 101 of the flyers tomorrow… WHY!!!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYY

2012-12-05 15.44.19 copy 2012-12-05 13.28.37 copy 2012-12-05 15.40.33 copy… was excited to post this… now I feel like an idiot. My calligraphy skills better improve.
Still if you can make it, 11-3pm, When Modern Was, 4037 24th Street, Noe Valley, San Francisco!