Yes It was my 21st birthday on the 7th and I celebrated it San Francisco style with some very good friends and amazing food.

My favourite picture, even though its blurry, the back ground is so beautiful and the photo protrays our personalities perfectly! However I would like to add that I am indeed wearing shoes, and very cute ones as well, you can’t see them.
 chicco-ordinating people on ze iphone, it was an unfortunate event that Sue lost her iphone 5 at uni today, that girl has burned her way through 3 iPhone 5’s this month. Beat that. Can not.Kayla, team Reinvent missed you today.Then this garçon showed up with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers! excite!!! They smell DELICIOUS. 
Oysters. Vincint’s shirt was amazing! The print is detachable with magnets, flipping awesome, can’t beat a fashion student’s eye for details.
A little birthday dessert = one happy girl!