Don’t know if ya’ll into soft ball  baseball (yea I think its softball. nope its base ball, yea base ball.), but the San Francisco Giants won the World Champs last sunday! Even though I did not attend the game to witness first hand the excitement, I did come across some psyched fans pushing over various things on the streets, from news stands to rubbish bins. How interesting, my fist instinct would be to push over heavy, dirty objects as well!

Anyways there was a parade held to celebrate this momentous achievement downtown on Market St. The whole city around 2million people found their way there and it was PACKET! Super fun, of course I had to join in on the excitement. Shame I couldn’t see the action (I’m vertically challenged), but thanks to technology I was able to watch the whole thing via the iPhone of the guy in front of me. Thank goodness for iPhones.