One of my favourite classes at the moment would have to be Marketing and Promotional strategies. Why? 1.its interesting and 2. you get to go on field trips to NAPA!!! It’s wine country, similar to the Wairarapa Valley in New Zealand. We went there to be introduced to the owners of the Napa Soap company in a collaboration we are doing with them to launch a skin care line for men. It’s a very interesting group project where we get to work with real life clients which makes it much more serious and fun at the same time. I have an awesome team and here’s what we got up to on our road trip to Napa! I got to cross the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time!
On our way to Napa, vineyards all around.
I want to retire in Napa, its the cutest little town!
Team Reinvent (Kayla and Meko, minus old guy on the right).
Can you imagine what this place would look like on a beautiful sunny day?! I love Napa.
Other half of the team, Sue and I.
See it and weep my friends, it tastes as good as it looks.
Lizmari, this has you written all over it. My face was stuck in this position the whole trip.

This is part one, stayed tinned for part deux!