Don’t you think one of the most exciting things when you go to a new country is to go grocery shopping? You find so many new things you’ve never seen or heard before, and things you’ve always seen referred to like Gouda. Pretzel chips are SO good. Honesty. And of course the American classic.My breakfast every morning, LOVE THIS. Almond milk is God’s gift to Whole Foods. If you don’t like milk, you’ll like Almond milk, if you don’t like milk you’ll like almond milk, if you don’t like life, you’ll like almond milk. Its that good. With strawberries of course.
Amazing pre packaged food from Trader Joe’s (my favourite grocery destination). You can buy everything pre made here, even pre cut onions, garlic, carrots, and fried rice. Just put it on a pan and voila. Single meal for one. Delish classic american chocolate. The 5th avenue definitely looked better than it tasted, but the LOOK! bar, is the bomb.
Finally, my two favourite people, Ben and Jerry.