After a minor freak out over luggage,
five hours of sleep,
an early morning,
a stop over,
and a very interesting plane ride…

I’ve arrived in San Francisco! Haven’t had the chance to take my camera out for spin yet, sorting out your life yet again is such a pain. I’m currently buying everything from pots, pans, food, duvet and everything in between. You know how it is.
Did just order another pair of shoes online, the second day I got here, all my sandals broke! A girl needs shoes to walk in especially looking at the hills in San Francisco! (photo evidence to come).

I’m still missing New York, nothing can beat that city. Here’s a little photo diary!

Chelsea Markets

The best lobster rolls in town.
In the Meat Packing District, the famous Milk studios.The Highlands in the Meat Packing District is a popular chill destination, it used to be part of the railway/train tracks. Now it has been transformed into an uplifted garden situated smack bang in the centre of Meat Packing, ok well maybe not smack bang in the middle but VERY near by.

Some awesome art found along the Highlands.

Beautiful apartments around the Highlands.

Ella and I enjoying some very fresh lobster rolls from the Chelsea Markets, pedestrians suffered from food envy.

A beautiful cafe/ restaurant we found on the way, New York is always full of surprises!

Finally, Felicity you are such a beautiful person both inside and out, even though we are all extremely sad to have you leave us all too soon. You will forever remain in our hearts as the most beautiful, bubbly and loving person. You will be forever loved and missed. Rest in peace Flis.