Found this little gem hidden away somewhere in Midtown Manhattan while sitting in a cab stuck in traffic. Its called Hester Nights, a night food market that is co-joined to a hotel (I think) and a mini park. A lot of vegetarian and vegan foods with a dash of pork chops and kumara fries on a warm summer night is absolutely delightful. Then again fairy lights can make anything look good.

Ella and I had a bite to eat while watching the U.S. Open on a giant projector and talking about how incredible and ridiculous fashion can get. Can’t ask for a better evening!
Miss Ella, sure am going to miss you!
and yes, new Helmut Lang dress, shoes and necklaces… I’ve been holding off for a LONG time.
Sorry about this photo, definitely not the best, dim lighting and a shaky hand obviously does not equal quality photo.