Last Sunday I visited the trendy Meat Packing district that is popular amongst the 20 somethings. It used to be where meat was packaged, hence the name. Now it has become an area populated with kids from the fashion scene, Alexander McQueen has a boutique there, as does Diane Von Furstenberg and many other “edgy” designers.

It’s a pretty small area, but it has that high fashion meets grunge feel to it (obviously). Some really cool restaurants, one of which Ella (we work together at Dennis) and I discovered on our way back to the Meat Packing District from Chelsea was Don Giovanni’s, which is apparently really well known for its GIANT pizza’s. I’ll let you know the verdict.

Outside All Saints in Meat Packing, how awesome are the visual merchandising! 

Diane Von Furstenberg’s studio ( I think… her store is definitely here). Loving the crazy dome thing on top of her building.

Residents of Chelsea decided David was cold in 30 degree weather. I personally think he looks great in strips.

Some where between Chelsea and Meat Packing, I’m really loving plantation over taking buildings.

Say hello to Miss Ella! This girl walks everywhere in heels and does NOT get sore feet. My feet ache in flats.

Cool bikes in NYC.

Sally Pope I almost got owned by pedestrians taking this photo because it reminded me of you.