Discovering 5th Avenue is an exciting experience if you’re into America films and T.V. shows, like me you probably can’t get away from it even if you tried. Unless you’re one of those EXTREMELY alty people who refuse to do anything normal. Weirdos.

Anyways I had many “ohhs and Ahhhs” moments such as outside Tiffanys (Breakfast at Tiffanys), the Empire State building(pretty much any America movie set in NY), the Rockefeller Center (Home Alone 3, Christmas trees scene), The New York Public Library (Sex and the City 1, where Carrie was about to marry Big), Bryant Park (Project Runway), and Gossip Girl filmed pretty much the whole show on and around 5th Ave. Pretty exciting!
On top of the Trump tower, in a garden gazing at the U.S. flag. Very patriotic.

A random guy in a glittery gold tank top and fluro pink shorts… New Yorkers.

My very fist NY pretzel. (very salty, hello heart attack)

Somewhere along 5th ave, I thinks its Sack’s

Louis Vuitton window display, Marc Jacobs is in love with Yayoi Kusama (aka dots lady from Japan, she sees everything covered in polka dots, how dizzy is that!). A very effective visual merchandising tool.

Bryant Park! This is where  New York Fashion Week happens… arrhhhhhhhh.

Oh and I spotted a homeless man with a flasher phone than me. Shame.

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