My list of must do’s in New York (that might not happen but I’m an optimist):

1. spot Bill Cunningham and take photos of him taking photos
2. dominate 1 whole NY pizza (at least have a slice)
3. crash an American wedding make that two. 11.8.12
4. do the museums, especially MOMA
5. visit the statue of Liberty. (I am a tourist)
6. not get mugged
7. make friends with an Upper Eastsider (so I can confirm that their lifestyle is as elaborate as they make out to be in Gossip Girl)
8. have a Carrie Bradshaw moment, (not sure what that means but I think I’ll know when I’m in that moment).  I’ve had many.
9. spot someone famous, come on its New York! yep. Alexander Wang baby.
10. go to a Barney’s or Bergdorf sale. Yea boy.New shoes…

I shall cross off the list as I go.