Travel insurance, honestly what is this!?! Makes me want to run for the hills.
I always buy them, but never end up using them. I know its good that I haven’t needed to, but seriously insurance companies are a scam.

Product review is fast becoming my best friend. Honestly this is the best thing since sliced bread in terms of travel planning.
People putting their complaints on the internet. I flipping love it! You want people to learn from your mistakes you know.

Some insurance companies I’m currently looking at…
(my trip is 7months in the States, I want unlimited medical cover (god forbid I get sick in the States where it cost you $100 just to stand inside the hospital), and also good coverage on personal affects if they get stolen etc. and cancellation cover including flight delays) also I’m looking for no excess just incase I stumble upon some bad luck.

1 Cover

The cheapest for unlimited medical coverage $499
Unlimited medical
$100 excess
pay $499 + $25 = $524 for no excess
luggage/personal items = $5,000
not the best reviews, people either love it or hate it.
pretty good coverage (at a quick glance).
can change to no excess with $25 extra added to final price (pretty decent)

World Nomads
Cheap, but limited medical cover $455, excess $100
medical = $5,000,000
luggage/personal items = $2,500
good for backpackers I think, very basic. very.


Only do covers for up to 120 days
I could split the cover into two parts, but lets be honest, what a mission.
They are very reasonable though, I always buy their’s when I go to China, but I’ve never had to cash in. So I’m not too sure how good they are to deal with.

Southern Cross

Reasonable price, $665.60
unlimited medical
baggage/personal items = $25,000
$75 excess per claim


Comprehensive plan = $1,049 = no excess
$912 = $1o0 excess
unlimited medical
baggage/personal items = $30,000 (wow)