Who knew New York accommodation was going to be so expensive!

From a huge list of potentials, I’ve narrowed it down to these… I think.

option 1: New York Central Hostel; The Village, Chelsea & Meatpacking District:

cheap, but potentially have bed bugs (according to reviews).
not the best reviews.

option 2: Hostelling International New York 

14 night max stay, per year. (Honestly who do you think you are).
Upper West side

option 3: Accommodation Alternatives (NYC) 

not available for the whole time I plan to be there (very convenient)
family owned
Long Island and Sunny side
Quiet, good for resting but might not meet as many people

option 4: The New York Loft Hostel

giant  rooms, 12 to share
bit expensive
good place to meet people

option 5: NY Moore Hostel

really close to the NY Loft hostel
great reviews
East Williamsburg
a bit expensive

image from parkandcube